Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Dear Kaden,
Happy 2nd Birthday! Two years ago I was cradling a beautiful, and soon-to-be bouncing, baby boy in my arms. It really was love at first sight...your dark, spiky hair and giant hands & feet just sealed the deal for me as I stared at every single perfect little feature. You were so sweet and so fantastic. It has been an absolute thrill to watch you grow and learn! I learn daily lessons in motherhood through experiencing your successes as you change and progress. You have helped me understand that time spent on the floor playing cars and doing puzzles is precious, and you make me smile every time you come running to sit in my lap! If only I could keep you there longer! In mere seconds, you're bounding off to another discover, dig, drag, destroy ;),...and delight. Your busyness keeps me running right with you, but that little smile has a such a sweet charm-it melts me!

What an amazing year this has been for you! You have truly gone from being our "baby" to our "little man." You've grown inches, learned how to talk, to walk, to jump and to RUN! Oh, how you love to run, little buddy! You've learned how to feed yourself, open everything, annoy your big sister, climb anything and thoroughly love every second of your little life! Those beautiful, blue eyes carry me beyond forever. I love to watch you as you stop and stare into the sky....observing, dreaming, quiet for a few moments. You find contentment in just about anything. Your little personality has become so individual, daring and happy! You don't miss anything! It has been so fun as you've learned to love playing with your sister (and copy everything she does), your cars, puzzles, trains, balls, etc. Your laugh has a melody that I just can't get out of my head...or my heart. I really just want to squeeze you all the time! You were the sweetest little boy from the moment you were mine, and you still are! I promise to forgive the spills, splinters, scratches, scorches and squeals and treasure the smiles, stories and snuggles as we embark on the adventure of being two... As you love to say, "ready, set, GO!" You go, buddy! "Terrific Twos,"... here we come!

All my love,


Pike's Place said...

They do grow so fast, don't they? He certainly is a cutie! What a great letter, Mom!

Topham's said...

Wow!! I can't believe that he is already 2!! AND HOLY COW WHAT A CAKE (I even had Paul look at it, that's how good it is)!!!! Well I hope you are all doing well. And you know what we always say..."we need to get together"... But, REALLY we do.

terra said...

Happy B-day Kade! His safari themed party looked too cute for words - that cake...unreal! The words you wrote were so beautiful about his life thus far. Here's to another great year!

Dan said...

Happy Bday. Those are great pics. Looks like a very fun day.