Friday, August 8, 2008

"It's A Jungle Out There!"

To celebrate Kade's Birthday this year, we threw a JUNGLE party and invited all the cousins over for great food, safari hunts and plenty of "wild animals." Together with Nana Judy, we made him a jungle cake that he loved! He would sit by it and tell me all of the animals that were on it and make the accompanying animal sounds. (My favorite is when he "roars!") He especially loved his elephant up on top! It was such a fun cake to make, and I'm so grateful to Judy for her help! We decorated the basement with vines and trees and had a great time in our little version of the "jungle." Everyone was so great and Kade had such a fantastic day! It definitely is a "jungle out there"...especially when you're turning TWO! Happy Birthday, Kade!


Sandra said...

You did such an AMAZING job with the cake!! Unbelievable!!

Trisha said...

What a cute cake for a cute little boy!

Julie said...

Alicia! It's an Amazing Cake! You truly are wonder woman! I just love you!!